Intruder Alarms

  • Industry & Insurance Approved
  • Existing Systems Maintained
  • 5 Star Rated
  • 24 Hour Call-out
  • Simple, Transparent Pricing
  • Domestic & Commercial

Purchase with Confidence

Watch our intruder alarm system video

Premium Alarm package supplied and fitted for just £360 including vat

Amiga's intruder alarm package is the perfect home alarm system and is suitable for almost any size house. Here's what the package includes as standard, more detectors can be added if required but like for like you will not find a better value deal anywhere else.

  • 3 x PIR Movement Detectors
  • 1 x Live Audible Bell Unit
  • No Pushy Salesmen
  • Insurance Approved
  • 1 x Control Panel with keypad
  • Short or contract free options
  • 24/7 Support & Monitoring
  • Smartphone App
  • Wirefree System - no mess, no fuss
  • Installed Within 48 hours
  • 1 x Magnetic Door contact
  • Not rented - you own the system
  • Rated People - 5 Star Rating
  • British & European Standard
  • 2 x Remote Setting Fobs
  • Price Guarantee

Additional Devices


Pet Friendly PIR Movement Detectors


Additional Remote Setting Fobs


Two-way wireless smoke sensor

The best value system compared to the ADT Quick Connect and SECOM Home Secure Plus

Do you own the system once fitted?

Many other offers do not make it clear that you are renting the equipment and that if you stop paying they can remove it.
Which system comes with 4 detectors as standard?

The Amiga standard package has 1x door contact and 3x PIR detectors. This means you rarely have to purchase additional equipment in order to provide adequate cover.
Can I buy the system without committing to a monthly contract?

Amiga can offer the standard package on an outright sale for just £540 inc. VAT with no minimum contract period
Can I have a bells only system?

Yes. You can have the same package without the central station monitoring or the Amiga HomeControl+ App and pay just £12 per month.
Which company offers the shortest contract terms?

Amiga require just a 24 month contract period unlike ADT Quick Connect and SECOM Home Secure Plus which require a 36 month contract.
Does the system come with an audible external bell unit?

Most other offers only have a dummy bell box meaning there is no audible deterrent and you would require some form of monitoring.
Can I have the package without the central station monitoring?

Amiga can offer the same system for just £360 with a £18 monthly fee for comprehensive maintenance cover and the HomeControl+ App.
Does the system meet Grade 2 standard?

Some of the other offers are for Grade 1 or DIY systems available over the counter. Although many of them are household names they do not meet the generally recognised insurance requirement of Grade 2 PD6662 standard.
Who offers the cheapest optional monthly maintenance and monitoring fee?

Amiga charge just £24 per month for fully comprehensive maintenance and monitoring paid by direct debit. Beware of other companies that offer discounts if you pay for several years in advance - once they have your money it tends to be harder to argue with them in the event of them not performing to your expectations and there's no guarantee they will still be around the following month, let alone the following year!
Are battery changes included within the service cover?

Lots of service agreements don't cover battery changes and have other hidden charges. Amiga provide full parts and labour cover including battery changes.
Is the installer regulated?

You should always make sure you use an accredited company such as Amiga to ensure your system is properly fitted and insurance compliant.
Can I control the system from my smartphone?

The Amiga package comes with the HomeControl+ app which allows you to control your alarm from anywhere in the world. Watch our demo.
Does the system come with a decoy bell as standard?

A lot of break ins occur at the rear of the property, so we fit a live bell on the front, and a dummy bell at the rear to deter burglars.

Hot Questions

  • Don't want monitoring? No problem! Get the same system and pay just £12 per month.
  • No Salesmen - just simple, no nonsense, transparent pricing.
  • Smoke detection available for just £90.
  • No telephone line required for monitoring - we use CSL Digiair that utilises all mobile networks.
  • Police Response available for a one-off payment of £60, and an additional £6 per month.
  • 24/7 parts and labour cover including battery changes FOC.
  • Pet friendly detectors as standard.
  • Installation only takes a few hours.
  • Extra detectors can be purchased at just £50 (supplied and fitted).
  • Extra remote control fobs can be purchased at £30.

5 Star People Rating.

We are very proud of our quality, service and price offering. But don't just take our word... take a look at our customer testimonials.

Amiga App

The HomeControl+ app brings you flexibility and peace of mind from your award winning Amiga security system with an intuitive and easy to use interface.

You will not find a better deal elsewhere!*

Fully comp service cover, state-of-the-art home security alarm system supplied & installed:

12,297 Burglaries in Kent alone in June 2016 to June 2017

Don't be a statistic! Find out how Amiga can protect your home and family today!

Easy Set & Unset Operation

Our hand-held remote control fobs allow for easy set and unset at the touch of a button and incorporates a panic attack feature

Insurance Approved & Installer Regulated

You can purchase with the confidence that our systems are insurance approved and are installed to the current British and European standards:

Installed within 48 hours. Wire-Free System.

Typical installation will be completed in just a few hours and a wire-free system means no mess & no fuss!


Packages to suit all budgets and requirements

Amiga monitored with phone app Bells only with maintenance Bells only non contract
Install Cost

The initial cost for Amiga to supply and install your system.
£360 £360 £540
Monthly Cost

The monthly charge for Amiga to provide your chosen package (paid by direct debit, minimum 2 year contract) or PAYG for faults and services.
£24 £12 PAYG
Central station monitoring

Trained personnel monitor your alarm 24 hours a day and inform you of any activations or loss of signal
Secure GSM communication

Reliable proven technology ensures your system can communicate over the mobile phone network and not be affected by broadband or telephone line issues.
Amiga App

Our app allows you to control and monitor your alarm from your smart phone anywhere in the world.
Annual service visit

Normally an insurance requirement our engineer will attend and perform a yearly thorough check of your system.
24/7 support

Engineers always on hand to provide emergency support and provide same day call outs.
Parts and labour covered

Complete peace of mind that all battery changes, call outs and equipment is covered by your monthly charge (unless fault is caused by a third party).

Key benefits of the Amiga HomeControl+ App

  • Control your alarm from anywhere - our Amiga app allows you to monitor and control your alarm from your smart phone.
  • Receive alerts via the Amiga app when your alarm has been unset - ideal for knowing when the children have arrived home safely from school.
  • No call costs - there are no hidden monitoring charges and you don't have to remember to top up a SIM card.
  • Remotely unset individual areas - ideal for allowing access to only certain areas when you're not at the property.

Key Benefits of Digiair Central Station Monitoring

  • Secure and reliable GSM communication - no phone line required.
  • Safe and easy keyholder changes - amend keyholder contact details with a simple phone call (you don't have to reprogram telephone numbers yourself).
  • 24 hour manned central station monitoring - your keyholders will be contacted by an actual person and provided with all the information in the event of a problem.
  • Be notified of any signalling issues - we constantly monitor the GSM connection so we can rectify any problems.
  • No internet or telephone line issues - the signalling will not be affected by broadband problems or a burglar cutting or engaging your telephone line.
  • Not affected by power cuts - the GSM communication is battery backed unlike your broadband connection.

Purchase with Confidence